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Black Forest 1800's Blackbird Flute "Flötenuhr" clock

Recently acquired is this ultra rare Black Forest Blackbird flute clock from the 1800’s. This clock plays six wonderful tunes on eighteen pipes as the black bird moves from side to side while moving his beak up and down to the tune.

I only quote the term ultra rare as a very good friend of mine who has the largest Black Forest clock collection in the USA conveyed these words to me when I told him about the clock.

He told me that these clocks are ultra rare and only a few are known to exist and that it is truly a museum piece and "you better buy it now!"

The clock was completely restored by Heinrich Engelmann who is very well known in the Black Forest collecting world by not only his wonderful musical Black Forest clock collection but by his talent in restoring these wonderful musical clocks back to their grander.

Black Forest Blackbird Flute Clock

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