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We will be regularly posting some very nice clocks for sale.

Clock are listed with a starting price

and after we feel we have a valid offer we will sell the clock to the highest bidder.

"Please note that shipping is not included" 


"Items will be shipped via the UPS store with the appropriate  insurance"


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Item# 1

Fantastic running early wood-plate movement clock with reverse painting on glass!

Sell price $450 plus shipping 

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Item# 2

I was contacted by a member of NAWCC on a clock that is available for sale but the seller did not know what the value would be. He in quired to what I felt the clock was worth and I gave my opinion in the present market. So that being said I told the gentleman that I would list it on my website and take offers.


I reviewing the photo the clock looks to be in fine shape and I have been told it is running and playing. Why it is taken apart it is a mystery to me. So if you are interested in this organ clock you can contact me and I will forward to the seller's contact.

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