1800's Black Forest musical bell clock

We were extremely fortunate to be able to purchase this very rare early 1800's Black Forest musical bell clock.  This particular clock is very unique due to having thirteen bells and playing twelve tunes which change automatically every other hour. So in twenty four hours it will go through the twelve tunes.


 This clock is not only very rare but is also in excellent original condition as can be seen in the photos below. The clock also has automaton of the " all seeing eye of God"  which can be seen at the top of the baroque style front shield. 

It is the same symbol that is seen on the one dollar US bill on top of the pyramid and is a famous symbol used by the Masons. The eye is linked to the escapement so it goes back and forth with the pendulum looking left to right.  

NOTE: This clock was at the 2017 Eisenbach clock fair and was purchased prior to the shows opening from the same dealer that the 12 glass bell clock was purchased from at the 2016 clock fair.

Moving eye
Tune Selection  Wheel

 More recent acquisitions can be found below


We were extremely fortunate to be able to purchase two very rare clocks at the Eisenbach Antique Clock Fair they are  "Knödelfresser“" (Dumpling Eater) and "Glasglockenspieluhr" (Glass Bell Musical Clock). Both of these clocks are not only very rare but both were in excellent original condition as seen in the photos below.

Very Happy Customer !!

As you can see in this  photo of me  with my 

newly acquired Knödelfresser“ (Dumpling Eater) 

Dumpling Eater manufactured by Gordian Hettich & Shone circa 1800's

Knödelfresser“ (Dumpling Eater) in action!!

Knödelfresser“ (Dumpling Eater) in unbelievable original condition!!

Another great acquisition at the Eisenbach clock fair of a 


(Glass Bell Musical Clock)​ .

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The "Glasglockenspieluhr" has such a great shield in a French Baroque style. It also is a very early rope drive clock that has its original brass weights. Manufactured late 1700's / very early 1800's.

The "Glasglockenspieluhr" plays four tunes on the eleven glass bells and rings out the hour on glass bell number twelve.

Very rare 

"Glasglockenspieluhr" (Glass Bell Musical Clock)​ that has 12 glass bells. Note the green coloring of the glass bells and all the bubbles in the primitive formed glass.


The green color is due to the high iron content in the glass which gives the glass bells the nice tone when struck by the wooden hammers.


These clocks are not only extremely rare but almost never found with the original glass bells. 

 Early 1700's Black Forest wooden gear clock

We were extremely fortunate to be able to purchase this very rare early 1700's Black Forest wooden gear clock.  This particular clock is very unique due to having two glass bells that ring out both the quarters and the hours. This clock is not only very rare but is also in excellent original condition as can be seen in the photos below. The "Holzerader Uhr viertel Stundenschlag 2 Glasglocken has such a great tone when it strikes the time. It also is a very early triple train rope drive clock that maintains its original glass weights and bells!! 

Original glass bells and glass weights

Glass bell clock in action!!

Front view of movement

Back of movement

Count Wheel

As with most of the clocks of this age there is always some work to be done. In the particular case of this clock the rope drive train for the time was not holding causing its drive weight to fall to the floor. This was because the pawl on drive pulley  was not engaging into the ratchet cuts on the pulley side of the assembly. After some adjustments to the assembly it is now repaired and it is up on the wall running and keeping perfect time.

"A Very Special Addition to the Collection"
Black Forest 1800's Ketterer cuckoo clock with all its original equipment including the transport / salesman storage case !!!

The first noted Black Forest cuckoo clock was designed and created by Franz Anton Ketterer in a small village named Schonwald, Germany. This signaled what the world now recognizes as an industry filled with quality cuckoo clocks that are hand carved with the most beautiful detailing in the world. The Ketterer clocks were the first with the cuckoo behind the small door that opens on the hour and half hour.


This example is extremely  rare as it includes everything that you would have received if you purchased a clock in the 1800' from the Ketterer factory or one of it distributers. This example includes the original keys, the original hands and the extremely rare carrying / storage case for the clock.


Fellow collectors have also not seen such a complete clock setup that includes the original case that the clock was either transported in by a salesman or was the case that the clock was packed in for the buyer to take the clock home. It was also used to store the clock when it was not used which explains why the clock is in such great original condition.


A new addition to the collection of
Black Forest  "Flötenuhr" clock

The above photo of the new addition to my collection of early Black Forest "Flötenuhr" or what is known as organ or flute clocks.  


We were made aware of this clock thought our website: "BlackForestclockcollectors.com


The clock has been in storage for quite sometime and is in need of a full restortation.


The clocks has two automated figures and it plays eight different tunes on 23 flute pipes.


The painting on the front shield depicts a Spanish galleon and one of its row boats on the coast of an island with its castle above the shoreline. 


You can see the restoration of this clock on our "Restoration Page".

"New Addition"
Painting on tin sheet with a wood plate movement cuckoo clock just added to my Black Forest clock collection 

 I just recently purchased this very fine example of a cuckoo clock that has a very nice painting on tin sheet as the motif. I am very proud to add this one to my collection as I just love the particular painting of a lady of class standing by a river with her hand maiden picking her vail out of the water.


The painting is in fantastic shape due to it being protected behind the glass for many , many years. It has a very early wood-plate movement that gongs at the half and full hour, as shown in the photos below . Clocks that are found in this shape are very rare due to both its age and that it has a fragile glass frame. "It has just arrived  from Germany in perfect condition"

"A Very Special  
Addition to the Collection"
Black Forest 1800's Blackbird Flute "Flötenuhr" clock 

 I just  purchased this very special and very rare  example of a Blackbird flute "Flötenuhr" clock. It has been completely restored by a very famous Black Forest clock collector and author Heinrich Englemann of Germany.


The clock maintains all its original parts including the pendulum! The shield is 22" tall and 16" wide and the clock is completely rope driven.



Note: more information on Herr Engelmann can be found on this website.

All original 1800's Blackbird Automaton Shield Flute "Flötenuhr" clock that plays six wonderful tunes on eighteen pipes. 

Closer view of the front shield showing its remarkable condition 

Blackbird Automaton which moves back and forth to the music along with its beak moving to the   rhythm to each of the tunes

All original Blackbird Automaton movement with eighteen flute pipes. The movement is completely rope driven by lead weights.

View of music drum with all the pins that generate the six tunes

Original Blackbird Automaton

The  Blackbird automaton is quite large as seen in this photo

The  videos below are a sampling of a couple of the six songs that clock plays in which you can both hear and see the clock in action...enjoy!!

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