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 Restoration of a early 1700's five figure Jacks Clock

(Bell Ringer)



 Unrestored Five figure Jacks clock which has the wrong clock face. Purchased for the movement only.

Jacks clock undergoing restoration process. mounted on wall and running.

 Restoration process complete on the bonnet for the five jacks figures. The figures have been cleaned to expose the original paint.

 Original Jacks figures unrestored 

Jacks figures restored while still keeping the majority of their original paint and patina so that they don't look new

Paper design template 

Complete shield in wood ready for assembly and paint

Closeup of carving details

Shield and clock now together ready for final assembly and paint

Shield complete and now mounted to the clock movement ready for the next step which will be mounting to its wall bracket.

Ready to run for years to come!!


 Restoration of a 1790's Hackbrettuhr

(Harp Clock)


The huge box containing the clock weighed in at 96lbs. The shield is in very poor condition as can be seen in the photo. It had been sent out to be restored using the art restorer that can be found on this website under "Restoration Services"

Harp clock in its as received condition, before it was completely restored.

What makes this a very special clock is that it has an "auto changer" for the music. It plays eight tunes which can be manually selected or you can set the clock in auto mode and it will play though the eight tunes a different one on each hour. There is also a dial on the side that indicates the present tune that is playing.

It also has a night mode in which you can shut the music off, or also shut off the bell gong separately. The pinned music drum is also  interchangeable so when it was new it would have come with several different drums to play many other tunes. With all of these features this made it a very expensive clock in its day and which makes it extremely rare. 


"As seen in the photos below" the music section of the harp clock has been completely disassembled cleaned and repaired. The clock movement has been gone though and is in perfect working order.  The harp sounding board below has all new strings installed and will now be professionally tuned to the notes that are printed on the top of the sound board.

The Hackbrett musical section has been meticulously restored.

Front Shield Restoration 

"Before and after" restoration of the shields top painting performed by Vlastimil Poborsky "Pobo". His talents and contact information can be found at the "Restoration Services" menu tab.


The painting at the top depicts a family out in the countryside gardening.

 The other two figures at the bottom are of Roman motif, a man with a cluster of grapes and a woman holding olive branches.  

Hackbrettuhr "Before  and After"

Restoration photos .

The Hackbrettuhr clock is completing the restoration process and will soon be tuned and mounted on the wall. Once complete we will post a video of this magnificent clock playing its tunes! 

 Restoration of a 1770

Holzrader Uhr Stundenschlag 2 Glasglocken.

(Wooden Gear Glass Bell Clock)



Front view of movement

Back of movement

Count Wheel

As with most of the clocks of this age there is always some work to be done. In the particular case of this clock the rope drive train for the time was not holding causing its drive weight to fall to the floor. This was because the pawl on drive pulley  was not engaging into the ratchet cuts on the pulley side of the assembly. After some adjustments to the assembly it is now repaired and it is up on the wall running and keeping perfect time.

Glass bell clock in action!!


The restoration of a Black Forest 46 pipe organ clock with Automa




This is our latest acquisition and  restoration project that will start shortly and be added to our collection of musical clocks

There are six figures to the automation but one is missing and will have to be fabricatied. Others need minor repair as does the clock itself which is in great shape.

 10 tunes music sheet

This clock has 46 pipes and plays 10 tunes which is rare as most organ clocks play eight.

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