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Beha commissioned cuckoo clock

"The restoration of a rare commissioned early Black Forest clock wood-plate movement Beha cuckoo clock "


This is a rare commission (special order) Beha wall mount cuckoo clock. The clock has been send in to us for some minor restoration work, such as replacement hands, numbers, bellows recovering and to have its wood-plate movement cleaned and oiled.


I will be posting the restoration process along with a final video of the restored clock in action when complete, so stayed tuned in !!


Bone hands and numbers are complete as shown below and the wood-plate movement is removed and cleaned.


Note: the same bone hands and numbers can be purchased on this website.

Beautifully carved early fireman's motif depicting a leather fireman's hat and axes.

Early wood-plate movement 

Numbers and hands ready to install.

Back view of movement showing bellows that are not in too bad of shape for the age.

The same movement now cleaned of all the ages of grime and dust. 

Movement removed from case with a hundred years of dirt on it. 

One of the bellows glue joint was just hanging on by a thread and needed to be repaired. 

Movement being oiled

with fine clock oil.   

Top of movement before cleaning.

Hands and numbers being aged to match the age of the clock.

"Before" photo of chapter ring .

Top of movement after cleaning.

Hands and numbers after aging.

"After" photo with new bone numbers glued in place on the chapter ring.

Hands are fitted to the movement arbors.


Clock completely restored ready for  delivery to customer.

See Video  above clock photo!




The restoration of this fantastic

"all original Black Forest tall case organ clock"


This is a great original example of a organ or flute clock

with 23 pipes and automation.






Figures before and after cleaning and restoration.

Movement disassembled ready for restoration.

Photo of movement that has been sitting in a basement for 20 years!

Air chamber with its 23 valves which feed the air to the flute pipes.

Movement now totally restored

23 organ pipes totaly restored and tuned

Side view of restored movement 

 23 valve manifold with lifters

Movement unrestored

Organ clock shield before and after restoration

Organ clock video after restoration

Organ clock solid walnut cabinet which is 7' 8" tall totally restored 


The restoration of this circa 1866 wood-plate

"Wehrle five horn Trumpeter clock

This particular clock made is way back and forth from Europe to the United States several times before being restored. It also was transferred though five (5) separate owners during the last 15 years of its life never being restored unitil now!!!



 Wehrle Trumpeter figure restored

Circa 1866 Five Horn Wehrle Trumpeter  Movement 

Back view of movement showing music wheel and valve lifting levers

Front view of restored movement

Wind-chest restored along with all valves, levers and lifting pins.

Wind-chest Bellows restored with new leather valves and paper. 

Valves re-leathered

Newly fabricated bellows springs 

It's Alive !!!! 

Completely restored being heard for the first time in over 15 years!!


  Dumpling Eater manufactured by Gordian Hettich & Shone circa 1800's"Knödelfresser“" (Dumpling Eater) 

Dumpling eater in as found condition with many breaks and missing trim pieces. 

Front bottom scroll trim fabricated and installed ready for matching stain.

Both front and side trim pieces replaced with newly carved trim.

New bone hands and numbers installed. 

Dumpling Eater in action Video!

Rope drive for automa has be restrung as original was old and worn causing slippage 


"The restoration of a Wehrle ten horn shelf Trumpeter clock"


Below are some photos of the progress on a Wehrle ten horn trumpeter clock owned by one of the members of the forum Roy Alleti. In the photo you can see the case in its present condition and the new top pediment that was carved by Carl Listl who is also one of the members of the Black Forest Clock Collectors Forum. 


Boys at play!

Clock completely restored Wehrle Trumpeter Clock

10 Horn Wehrle Trumpeter Clock


The restoration of a rare

Gordian Hettich and Sohn

"Singing Bird Clock"


Below are some photos of the restoration progress and completion of a GHS Singing Bird Clock. The clock was located at the Eisenbach Antique Clock Fair.

GHS Catalog photo showing the rare Singing Bird clock that was offered in the late 1800's

Non working movement with the musical bird call section in its unrestored condition

Case Restoration that was performed in the Black Forest of Germany

Restoration stained to match the color and the patina of the case

Movement after being disassembled, cleaned, polished and reassembled 

Movement and bird call music section completely restored and installed back into the case

Video of Singing Bird music section restored and operating  

Fabrication of top spire for cupola 

Video of completed singing bird in action. Note the articulation of the wings and the beak as it sings out

Case restoration is now complete 

Gordian Hettich and Shohn Very Rare Singing Bird Clock Completly Restored!!


The restoration of "Stuckschild"clock with both time and alarm functions


Below are some photos of the progress on the restoration of a very small early stuckschild manufactured in the Black Forest. The clock is in very poor shape with some major damage to the drive mechanisim.

Some of the restoration has been started as you can see by the items I have already disassembled and cleaned.

You can see in this photo that the drive gear is completely shattered and needs some major work to be operational again


 Lamy & Söhne Trumpeter clock windchest restoration.


Note: click on  image on the bottom right side of the movement to see a video of the windchest restoration




 Restoration of Wehrle Seven Horn Trumpeter clock with Pheasant Motif.

Note: click on  video on the bottom  to see the restored clock playing. This particular clock plays the William Tell Overture.





 Wehrle Trumpeter figures restored while still keeping the patina so that they don't look new

You can see in this photo the movment and windchest has been completly restored. Also new springs and trumpeter horns have been fabricated.

This photo shows the twin figures that were restored back in the case. 


 Restoration of a Wehrle Four Horn Trumpeter clock with Hunter and Vine Motif.

Note: click on  video on the bottom  to see the restored clock playing. 


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