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New Acquisition of a rare early Jacob Bauerle Trumpeter clock 1858

We have just acquired this very early documented example of a trumpeter clock. As shown in the above illustration from Heinrich Englemann's book on Black Forest Clocks. Note: this is the same exact clock that we purchased. The clock made its way to the USA several years ago and was previously part of the Justin Miller clock collection.

What is very unique about this clock is the exposed trumpeter figure that is also an automaton. On each and every hour he raises its trumpet to his mouth and he turns from side as the trumpet sounds off. This is the sames type of automation that can be found on organ clocks.

This was a very rare feature for a clock of this era as it was manufactured in circa 1858. Also found on the back of the clock there are several service entries from Camerer Kuss who originally sold the clock. These recordings help in dating the clock as the first maintenance that was performed on the clock was 1863.

There are four additional service records on the back which are approximately four years apart.

More information, photos and video to follow !!

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