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Crazy Accidental Find!!

I was looking though some of my books on Black Forest clocks as I was reviewing a clock on German eBay and wanted to see its authenticity. As crazy as it seems I actually found the exact clock in one of the books that I purchased from the Eisenbach clock fair last year.

I am totally shocked at the find, but as you can see in the photos below from the book in comparison to the photos that I took before I restored the clock they are one in the same. When I first seen the side view of the movement in the book it hit me that I know that movement which is very rare as it strikes two glass bells.

It threw me off for a few minutes as everything was in reverse until I realized the the publisher inverted the photos “which I have seen before”. But when I enlarged the photos of my clock on my iPad and then enlargEd the photo from the book all the scratch marks, worm holes and extra holes from over the years they all matched. Even the broken shaft for the missing bell strike was there.

What really placed no doubt in my mind of it being the same exact clock is that on the inside of the boos dust cover there is a photo of the author with his early Black Forest clock collection. And in the photo low and behold there is the clock hanging on the wall right besides the author with the same exact stains on the paper dial as the one that I now own, now that is some real provenance for you!!!

Book Title Watches from the landrock collection

Published 1986

The book’s author with his clock collection (photo is from the books inside dust cover)

ENGLISH TRANSLATION FROM BOOK: View of the work of a black forest wall clock from around 1780. three works built one behind the other are clearly recognizable. escapement of the spindle, escapement of the tail of the cow, pendulum of the tail of the cow in front of the dial, striking on two glass bells, high 300 mm.

Photo of clock from the book below, with arrows of matching details.

Photo below of unrestored movement with same markings as photo above showing it is the same exact movement.

Movement now restored in photos below.